Wavix Pricing
Pay as you go model with no commitment. Flexible pricing that fits your business model. Support included.

SIP trunk

Secure, high quality calling
  • Free capacity
  • Ultra low latency
  • Regional gateways
From $0.005/min outbound
and $0.004/inbound

DID numbers

Phone numbers worldwide
  • Multi-channel capacity
  • Provisioning via the API
  • Large inventory
From $0.99/month

Messaging API

Reliable SMS service
  • Fast worldwide delivery
  • Advanced features
  • Scalable platform
From $0.007 per message

HLR Lookups

Number validation
  • Verify network activity
  • Identify porting status
  • Exclude invalid contacts
From $0.014/request

Answering Machine Detection

Eliminate human to machine
  • Reduce agent fatigue
  • Minimize ineffective calls
  • Stop wasting resources
From $0.004/call

Call recording

Store, analyze and export
call data
  • AI-based speech recognition
  • Unlimited storage
  • Export to BI software
From $0.007/min

Number porting

Bring your own numbers
  • All paperwork handled
  • LNP portal with e-signature
  • Available worldwide
From $1/number