Build loyalty.
Increase revenue.

Provide personalized shopping experience to your demanding customers. Increase sales, improve efficiency, and keep costs low.

Omnichannel retailing

Drive customer journey

Innovative communication solutions help businesses to win and retain customers
by building personal and lasting
relationships with every single client they serve

Streamline interactions

The Wavix platform unites real‑time voice and text
communications and allows businesses to add these features to websites and applications.
And developer‑friendly APIs.

Reach customers across all touchpoints

Expand the funnel

Stay at the front of your
customers' minds. Send flash
sale announcements, boost
traffic to your website or physical store, and 

quickly grow revenue.

Increase the outreach

Enable secure, quick and easy sign‑up and login with the Wavix 2FA 
service. Collect phone
numbers and effortlessly extend the reach of your campaigns.

Track the delivery

Gain customer trust with real‑time delivery tracking notifications. Keep your customers informed

and take the burden off your customer service.

Eliminate cart abandonment

Motivate indecisive shoppers

to complete purchases and improve your sales with targeted reminders, product recommendations, tailored offers, and more

Collect the feedback

Develop a deeper understanding
of your customers and their pain
points. Conduct surveys, collect feedback, and incentivize clients to buy more.

Secure payments

Guarantee the security of online payments and reduce the risk 
of fraud with one‑time PIN codes delivered via customers’ preferred channels

Code reference

Learn how quickly and easily you can implement these and other scenarios and launch your application in no time