Two-Factor Authentication

Safeguard client data, comply with necessary regulations, and maintain top security standards with advanced two-factor authentication by Wavix

Rock solid 2FA for diverse business needs

Confirm transactions

Deliver OTPs directly to account holders' phones for secure financial transactions and reduced security breach threats

Simplify user signups

Remove barriers to onboarding and provide safe and easy customer sign up and logins using our 2FA service

Secure your enterprise IT

Protect critical business data and access to your infrastructure with 2FA for your remote workforce

Prevent loyalty fraud

Implement 2FA to protect customer-accrued points and rewards and prevent loyalty fraud

Data defense strengthened by Wavix

Easy integration

Protect your data, no additional training or service required. Wavix 2FA APIs are designed for quick integration to your application or website.

PIN code generation

Generate, send and verify PIN codes with custom lengths, complexity and expiration windows

Multi-channel delivery

Wavix has direct-to-carrier relationships worldwide so you can deliver PIN codes to customers directly via SMS and Voice

Reliable, scalable service

Our network lets you verify hundreds, even millions, of customers with rapid and reliable delivery of PIN codes around the globe

Code reference

Access Wavix 2FA code samples to learn how to integrate and launch your application in no time

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