Global communications platform. Build now, code or no code.

Wavix offers reliable, multi-channel communication environment at scale. Quickly set up voice and messaging using API or GUI.

  • Campaign Builder

    Whether it’s a payment reminder, new product offer, emergency notification or survey, Wavix unlocks brand new ways of communication designed to grow your business, with scale and efficiency.

  • Two-Factor Authentication

    Safeguard client data, comply with necessary regulations, and maintain top security standards with advanced two‑factor authentication by Wavix. Deliver verification data across multiple communication channels.

  • SMS

    Fast delivery worldwide and advanced API management. Connect your application or service to send and receive messages. Build high‑capacity customer messaging modules with just a few lines of code.


Engineered for performance and simplicity

API for everything

Every feature available via simple RESTful API that requires little coding or telecom experience. Easy to switch.

Multiple channels

We offer an API‑driven omnichannel gateway. Engage your customers using voice, SMS and instant messaging apps.

Intelligent network

A network built for developers, redundant at every layer. Achieve global reach and maintain end‑to‑end control.

Pre-programmed modules

Ready‑to‑use communication modules for a variety of use cases. Get up and running with no coding effort and a couple of clicks.

Comprehensive portal

Instant phone number provisioning
Access our global inventory now. Choose your local, mobile, national or toll‑free number in over 100 countries. Search, add, activate and modify numbers using API.
Call flow builder
Launch marketing campaigns, polls, surveys, IVRs, mass notifications and more. Build, test and integrate call actions with
drag‑and‑drop GUI, or via API. Create custom scenarios or use pre‑built templates.
SIP trunk controls
Configure capacity, authentication, encryption and additional services. Set up as many trunks as required at no charge. Maintain geographically separate instances, each with custom regional settings.
Service visibility
Comprehensive account management tools. Keep close tabs on your cumulative capacity limits and available service levels. Upgrade and downgrade subscriptions and place custom engineering requests.
Number porting
It all starts with a number. It’s easy to port in your existing phone numbers to Wavix. Submit, track and manage LNP requests via a single portal. We handle all the processes and paperwork on your behalf.