Send and receive messages around the world. Greet users with a number they’re familiar with and build trust with customers using Wavix’s programmable Sender ID.

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Wavix SMS pricing designed to fit your unique messaging needs. Engage with your customers, connect with your team members, and reach out to your audience effortlessly.

Create an account to download the SMS mobile termination rate deck.Wavix charges text messages per message segment.

Volume-based discounts

We’re happy to negotiate volume-based discounts. Send an email to and include your internal business case in terms of volumes and services ordered.

SMS Sender IDs

Choose a recognizable and trustworthy Sender ID, increasing the likelihood of message engagement, and establishing a strong brand identity

Add-on services

Upgrade your conversations with game-changing extras

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Create a more engaging and impactful communication experience with Wavix. Make calls, send texts, and create tailored solutions to wow your customers.

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