Number porting

When you migrate your phone numbers to Wavix, our team handles the entire process. Globally available in 36 countries. Submit, track and manage requests online.

Proven track record

Established, tested procedures to port any number, anywhere

Zero‑downtime porting

We simulate change of providers and pre‑test before port happens

Team of LNP experts

Dedicated engineers carefully plan your entire porting project

Improved voice quality

Less hops and audio latency once moved to our network

Bring your own numbers for better communications

Higher reliability

Make your inbound customer lines more reliable by migrating to Wavix. We operate our own network globally and route calls over high‑performance, completely segregated carrier fabric.

Cost control

We compete against the biggest names. Moving phone numbers to our network gives you access to favorable pricing. Get better deals on numbers, minutes or channels, and pay‑as‑you‑go options.

More features

Add SMS, advanced Caller ID, and increase channels. When numbers are on‑net to Wavix, you get more control over feature set and more flexible capacity upgrades.

LNP portal

Automate your number porting through our self‑service portal. Save time with E‑signature based on PKI standards. This process is 100% digital and minimizes delays and errors.

Managed porting process

Every ported phone number goes through rigorous testing process. We have advanced procedures in place for numbers from every country.

Experts on standby

Our team performs in‑country SIM testing from major cellular networks, POLQA (perceptual model) tests, and live human response tests

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