Build stickiness.

Provide convenience.

Reshape financial services experience with simplified integration for digital channels. Communicate with customers the way they want and inspire trust.

Capitalize on secure communications

Be ready to move faster

The future of fintech is built on strong digital channel strategies. Stay ahead of competitors with personalized, contextual communications that are always on time.

Transform communications

Wavix takes the complexity out of secure, real-time communications to provide enhanced customer experience. And powerful APIs to be integrated into fintech processes.

Put finances in the palm of your hand

Authenticate and protect

Maximize security and keep customer credibility and satisfaction intact with advanced, multi‑layered protection using the Wavix 2FA service

Keep customers in the know

Provide necessary information to address regular customer requests. Reduce complaints with timely notifications to address any account inquiry or concern.

Enhance privacy

Gain total peace of mind for sensitive data. Enable Wavix Masking service to never store personal or financial information maintained by the first‑party provider.

Offer trusted convenience

Extend virtual banking assistance outside of your native app. Simplify routine operations and speed up responses to customers' questions in all digital channels.

Stay compliant

Meet industry and regulatory security standards. Protect client privacy and financial information with total encryption of voice and text communications.

Guarantee prompt delivery

Ensure that every important message is received. Regardless of your primary communication channel, implement SMS as failover channel for guaranteed delivery.

Code reference

Learn how how quickly and easily you can implement these and other scenarios and launch your application in no time

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