Connect on the go.

Stay in touch anywhere.

Increase productivity and coordinate uninterrupted movement of goods with clear and timely communications

Move your communications forward

Go digital

Gain competitive advantage, reduce the likelihood of errors, and keep costs under control. Faster service and enhanced communication equals a richer customer experience.

Automate interactions

The Wavix platform supports the digital transformation of logistics companies providing global connectivity across mobile networks. And API to connect to back‑end systems.

Automate for faster collaboration

Increase visibility

Ensure in sync operations across the logistics process. Send clear, real‑time updates and automated shipping reports to keep all parties informed.

Optimize support

Create engaging, context-based interactions with responsive chatbot integration. Improve query resolution time for customers, drivers, and staff.

Track and confirm delivery

Stay in direct contact with your drivers for timely delivery confirmation. Monitor fleet progress remotely to make key improvements en route.

Provide flexibility

Notify your drivers instantly of new shipments for pick up and delivery. Adjust schedules, increase efficiency, and reduce delivery time.

Keep drivers informed

Alert drivers quickly of route changes and treacherous weather. And receive notice of traffic jams, accidents and road risks from your team on the ground.

Promote your brand

Increase brand awareness and drive additional business. Send out discount promotions, compelling offers, and reminders that engage your customers.

Code reference

Integrate omnichannel communication into your application to reach millions of people. In a matter of minutes.

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