Drive retention.

Exceed expectations.

Go beyond well-timed updates and build experiences competitors can’t match. Take communications under complete control.

Revolutionized convenience

Do more than deliver

Grow brand loyalty with integrated, real-time communications. Enhance visibility and flexibility of the process. Keepoperational costs low and increase customer satisfaction.

Enhance workflows

The Wavix platform enables businesses to integrate API-driven text and voice communications into their processes with no effort. And stay connected with customers through all digital touchpoints.

Elevate your customer service

Track the delivery

Build trust and confidence with live delivery notifications. Keep customers in the know, provide URL for tracking and estimated delivery time.

Deal with delays

Take transparency to the next level. Communicate any delays customers may experience. Provide realistic wait time and reward patience.

Create advanced alerts

Reduce the risk of failed delivery. Coordinate delivery windows with recipients using easy‑to‑automate, 2‑way communication. Available in voice and text.

Rearrange the delivery

Rearrange pickups with no extra effort. Wavix 2‑way messaging lets customers request adjustments to delivery times and addresses directly via text.

Implement enhanced privacy

Facilitate courier and recipient communication with complete privacy and anonymity using advanced Wavix Number Masking service

Ensure key notifications

Do not lose customers with poor Internet connection. Implement SMS as failover channel to ensure the important message is never missed.

Code reference

Integrate omnichannel communication into your application to reach millions of people. In a matter of minutes.

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