Reliable SMS service for business

Fast delivery worldwide and advanced API management. Connect your application or service to send and receive messages. Easily build customer messaging with just a few lines of code.

SMS service that simply delivers

Create solid, dependable communication suites with our advanced API and worldwide number coverage. Get started with the messaging platform engineered for your success.

Messaging API

Elegant, logical API to power your global 2‑way messaging

Sender ID management

Alphanumeric, shortcodes, local or toll-free sender IDs available

Guaranteed delivery

Fast and reliable worldwide. Runs on direct carrier connections

Opt-out management

Support for unsubscribe keywords as required by local regulators

Verified encoding

Tested, assured Unicode compatibility on all partner networks

2-way communications

Add SMS‑enabled numbers from our worldwide number inventory

Automate routine business tasks

Quickly deploy your messaging application with minimal programming effort. You can rely on our high-performance messaging backbone for a variety of use cases.

Marketing notifications

Plan, design and execute marketing campaigns for your customers

Service alerts

Deliver critical status change notifications or service-related messages

New lead alerts

Quickly notify sales when new prospects sign up to speed up conversions

Appointment reminders

Help customers manage and keep track of their new and recurring appointments

2FA verifications

Confirm transactions, provide secure log-on tools, and prevent fraud

Voting surveys

Easily build and launch customer voting campaigns with templates

Code reference

Learn how quickly and easily you can implement these and other scenarios and launch your application in no time

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