AI-powered Answering Machine Detection

Answering Machine Detection (AMD) lets you choose the right action, based on the answer type. Knowing is half the battle; applying this knowledge to all automated outbound calls provides dramatic resource savings.


Accumulates statistics, improves its accuracy


Set specific actions based on call answer type

Increase efficiency

Meaningful interactions, not wasted opportunities

Improve metrics

Increase customer reach and efficient calls ratios

Detect machine answers, adjust call behavior

Precise and efficient

Achieve laser focus on live answers. Our technology provides 95% success rate. The model constantly re-trains itself using machine learning to minimize false positives and detection times.

Less wasted resources

Calls going to voicemail are a problem. Humans should be talking to humans, not machines. Reduce H2M interaction. With AMD, you can get through lists much faster while reducing agent fatigue and burn out.

Better productivity

Make agents more productive. Handle only live calls and spend resources on customer engagement only rather than letting agents experience frustrating voicemail answers. This helps manage agent fatigue and reduces stress.


One of the few solutions in the industry with over 90 percent true accuracy. Our highly complex, AI‑based engine supports self‑learning. All voicemail answers are being continuously used to collect data and re-train in real time.

Reliable Recognition Engine

Fast Execution

Answering Machine Detection works by accessing a massive database of patterns and performing complex analysis. Includes billions of voicemail samples with regional accents and international languages. The mechanism needs a few seconds to acquire an audio sample, and under 200 milliseconds to deliver results.

Highly Accurate

In addition to standard pre‑recorded messages, AMD can detect custom voicemail greeting recorded by a user. Background noise, tone, frequency, beeps and many other audio characteristics are all data points. We apply AI‑computing power to that data and deliver the best AMD mechanism in the industry.

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