send high volume traffic


Send High-Volume Traffic

Use this method to send high-volume SMS or MMS traffic. When used, the Wavix platform only checks if the request payload is well-formed JSON and runs basic lookups. The method returns the unique message identifier, which can be used to periodically poll the message status. Additional information on the destination number, such as MCC and MNC codes, number of segments, and charge for the message, is provided after the message is processed by Wavix.

If the callback_url parameter is specified in the request, the platform automatically forwards a DLR report to it once the message is received by the destination phone number.

An SMS message can be sent with a numeric or alphanumeric Sender ID registered on the Wavix platform, while MMS can be only sent to U.S. and Canadian phone numbers only using a 10-digit numeric or a short code as Sender ID.

This endpoint requires authentication.

POST /messages/async
Endpoint Arguments*
body (SendMessageRequestbody)*

Sender ID registered on your account. Can be numeric or alphanumeric.

Destination phone number.

message_body (MessageBody)*

Message text.


An array of URLs to a media attachments. If the parameters contains any value other that `null`, the message is considered to be an MMS, SMS otherwise.

Callback URL for delivery reports.

Validity period of the message, in seconds. The platform stops sending the message after the validity period expires.

An optional field normally used to identify a group of SMS, e.g. messages associated with a certain campaign.



Response Type


HTTP Status CodeError DescriptionException Class
Request failed. Messaging service is disabled on your account.
Request failed. The response indicates the reason of failure.
curl -X POST \
  --url '' \
  -H 'Accept: application/json'\
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  --data-raw '{
  "from": "Wavix",
  "to": "447712345661",
  "message_body": {
    "text": "SMS message"