Deep number analysis

Deep number lookup provides accurate information on mobile subscriber’s location, time zone, and network status. This improves your answer rates.

Save resources

Stop wasting capacity on invalid contact numbers

Formatting check

Keep your database clean by instantly tagging errors

Sort by type

Classify the number by type: mobile, landline or virtual

Extended validation

More than just lookup - network, roaming status, and time zone

Communicate better

Fast and accurate

Lookups improve messaging accuracy, result in better deliverability, and help increase lead conversions

Embedded solution

Connecting our Lookup service via the API lets you add the functionality to your app or corporate messaging

Save time with better call and messaging management

Minimize redials

Each call takes time and resources. Stop spending time on calls that end up hitting “unavailable” recording or fail. Only initiate calls to valid, active, reacheable subscribers.

Better decisions

HLR lookup provides up-to-date subscriber status. Choose how to manage call and SMS campaign based on that information. Exclude roaming and DNC numbers.

Optimize your data

Streamline your marketing processes. With HLR, you can perform mass lookups on your lists, lead database, or single contacts. Estimate your lead value before the campaign.

Maximize delivery

With Mobile Number Portability, any number could be on a new network. Ported status and roaming all affect your delivery rate. Optimize delivery to specific carrier.

Compliant messaging

Invalid or blocked contact information in your lists may lead to higher failure percentages. Avoid penalties, blocking and de‑prioritization by carriers by running HLR lookups.

Reduce fraud

Lookups can be used to discover any number’s geolocation and validity. Establishing whether a number is live or deactivated reduces sign up fraud.

Code reference

Learn how to initiate number lookups using code samples and launch your application in no time

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